We turn boring text into cool and fascinating

Why use infographics?

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They make the text 25% more interesting for the reader


They increase time on a page with content by up to 60%

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They improve SEO performance due to a unique picture


They can be used to distribute content

How it works?

  1. Keyboard

    You click on the Order button

  2. Chain links

    Send a link
    to the material
    (your draft in Google Docs is okay)

  3. Dollar banknote

    Pay for the number
    of infographics you want to receive

  4. Hourglass not done

    Wait no more than a day to get one infographic
    (1 infographic - 1 day)

  5. Envelope

    Receive an archive with your order with
    all source files by mail

What exactly will I get?

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You will receive an infographic in .jpg format, which you can immediately add to the article

Card index dividers

Along with it, you will get all the source files to make changes if necessary

Important: infographic is made solely on the basis of the data that is shared with us and is given to the customer in the form of "as is". However, with it you get all the source files and can modify it as much as you wish.

Who will do the magic?

Once the order is created, one of the hundreds of MasterBundles designers who specialize in creating infographics will get to work. For example, these could be:

Rita Asta

Graphic Designer

Rita is a young designer, who is interested in IT, web and graphic design, apps development, the history of design, and popular culture. One of her superpowers is creating awesome designs fast.

Iren Adler


Iren specializes in UI and UX design but she is also a pro at creating awesome presentations and infographics. One of her superpowers is conveying the message in a visually appealing and comprehensive way. “Text is cool but visuals are so much better” – she says.

Victoria Fimmer

Illustrator, Graphic Designer

As an alumnus of the academy of UX/UI design, Victoria can deal with almost anything. One of her superpowers is saying “yes” to all challenges she is assigned with. Victoria juggles numbers, words, visuals, and senses skillfully. She knows how to speak to people using graphic design.